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Modern biotechnology based on microbiology, supported by several players.

We are monitoring a Research, Development and Innovation project in collaboration with two renowned actors in Luxembourg: the LIST (Luxembourg Institute of Sciences and Technology) and the LCSB (Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine). Our project has attracted the attention of several actors which has granted us support.

Our objective is to study effective micro-organisms, also called probiotics, in the field of cleaning and care. These are carefully selected by a team of experienced researchers to develop new bacterial cocktails.

Our project aims to identify selective bacterial strains and develop enriched probiotic cocktails for specific applications.

The cleaning industry and human & animal care are our priorities but we also have expertise in bioremediation and cosmetics.

Our innovative products are environmentally friendly, guaranteed to be effective for the end consumer while offering a healthier lifestyle.

Objectively, we want to reduce the impact of toxic chemicals on living beings and their environment.

We focus on two unique research models that are studied through state-of-the-art methodologies.

R&D process of Probiotic Group

  1. 01

    Sampling of different surfaces

    We take bacteria from the targeted surfaces, which we wish to treat. For example, on dogs' fur, in order to develop an animal-specific product.

  2. 02

    Processing of samples at high temperature

    This step allows us to focus on certain types of bacteria, particularly those responsible for spore formation, such as Bacillus strains (sporulation is a form of bacterial survival mechanism that allows them to survive for a long time). The formation of spores guarantees the stability of our products over time.

  3. 03


    The bacteria must be able to grow at room temperature and in an acidic environment. They must be adapted to the cleaning conditions, but also to the packaging and formulations of our products.

  4. 04

    DNA extraction and genome reading

    This step will allow us to identify the bacteria very precisely. Bacteria whose genome does not present any danger, i.e. those that do not contain pathogenicity genes, are not resistant to antibiotics and cannot transmit resistance genes to other bacteria, are selected. Once this selection is made, the cleaning efficiency is tested on the specifically defined surfaces.

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